Best Recurve Crossbows for Hunting

Whether you’re a hunter or just like archery, crossbows can be fun. The most common types of crossbows are compound and recurve. Today, we’ll talk about recurve. Recurve crossbows are wider, quieter, and allow easy string replacement.   

Best Recurve Crossbows

So, if you’re a beginner and want the best recurve crossbow, this is the right place. Below, we have some of the best-rated and reliable recurve crossbows out there. Following the products, you’ll find a small buying guide to help you decide. So, let’s begin.  

1) K EXCLUSIVE Avalanche

K EXCLUSIVE Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Black Crossbow - Composite Stock, 175-LB Draw, 245 FPS, Red-Dot Scope, Picatinny Rail

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The K EXCLUSIVE recursive crossbow is meant both for beginners and experts. The stock it comes with is tough and is about 33 inches from the foot claw. It’s a lightweight yet durable crossbow, which weighs only 5 pounds. Also, it features an 18 1/2″ power stroke.  

The crossbow comes with a 175-pound draw weight. If you use 16-inch aluminum arrows, it can deliver a speed of about 245 fps. There’s also a red dot scope that allows you to hit your target with precision. When you buy this package, you get a stringer, wax, four 16-inch bolts, quiver, sling, and a cocking rope.


  • It comes with a red dot sight
  • It’s light in weight and good for beginners & experts
  • It justifies the cost


  • Installation is quite a tough job for this one

2) Barnett Wildcat

Barnett Wildcat Camo Recurve Crossbow | Recurve Crossbow With Scope, Arrows & Quiver, Strike

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The Barnett Wildcat crossbow is a high-performance professional crossbow. It’s a complete package for all those hunters out there. The crossbow offers an amazing speed of about 260 fps. It weighs just 4.8 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and maneuver.

The axle-to-axle width of this crossbow is about 22 inches, and its total length is 35.5 inches. You’ll most probably get it pre-assembled. However, if you need to assemble it, the process is fairly simple. It comes with a 4*32 mm scope, two 20-inch arrows, lube wax, and a quiver.


  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Justifies the cost
  • Light in weight  


  • Quiver is of poor quality

3) Barnett Jackal

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 - 20-Inch Arrows and Premium Red Dot Sight)

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The Barnett Jackal package is another amazing kit for hunters. It’s one of the lightest crossbows that weighs just 3.5 pounds and comes with a trigger pull. It can throw arrows at a velocity of 315 feet per second. The stock it comes with is very sleek and military-style. 

It features high-energy wheels along with a synthetic string & cable system. The draw weight it comes with is 150 pounds, which is easy to manage for an average person. Make sure to wax the string after every ten shots. The package contains a quick detach quiver, a red dot sight, and bolts.


  • Amazing shooting velocity of 315 fps
  • Very affordable option
  • It’s safe and reliable 


  • Its design makes it hard to use for some users

4) CenterPoint Tyro 4X

CenterPoint Tyro 4X Recurve Crossbow Package With 4x32mm Scope, Camo

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The CenterPoint Tyro features a lightweight & adjustable stock. Most users can easily shoulder it without any issue. It features a fiberglass limb, which offers a traditional feel to this crossbow. It’s safe to use because of the auto cocking system. 

It has a draw weight of 175 pounds and can throw arrows at a velocity of 245 fps. So, you can enter the hunting world with this crossbow. With this crossbow, you get a 4*32mm scope for precise shooting, 4*16-inch aluminum arrows, a rope cocker, and a quiver. 


  • Its highly durable
  • It’s good for beginners
  • The scope improves precision  


  • You can only use Center Point arrows for this model

5) Excalibur GRZ2

Excalibur GRZ2 Crossbow - Realtree Xtra

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The Excalibur GRZ2 is a professional crossbow that can achieve a speed of up to 315 feet per second. It comes with a cocking aid that makes the cocking process easy and fast. It features a fiber-reinforced frame, which makes it suitable for any weather.

The bow weighs 5.5 pounds and offers a draw weight of about 200 pounds, which is meant for professional use. The package has a fixed power scope, skeletonized stock, a 4-arrow quiver, rope coking aid, three diablo arrows, load limbs, etc. So, it’s a complete hunting package.


  • It’s very comfortable to use
  • The scope improves precision
  • It’s sturdy and durable. 


  • Assembly instructions aren’t straightforward 

Byung Guide for Recurve Crossbows

Find some common questions to help you find the best recurve crossbow.

Do You Need a recurve crossbow? 

When there’s a compound crossbow available, why would you need a recurve one? Well, hunters and archers out there prefer to use recurve crossbow for simplicity and ease of use. So, you’ll need a recurve crossbow if: –

  • You don’t want your crossbow to make much sound
  • You want to aim quick
  • You want a lighter option
  • You want an option that is easy to string
  • You’re a beginner and want an easy-to-use crossbow

What are the types of crossbow?

Here are the commonly available types of crossbows: –

  • Recurve
  • Compound 
  • Pistol
  • Rifle 
  • Bullet 
  • Repeating

Things to consider while buying a recurve crossbow

Here are some things you should consider: –

  • Weight: Most of the time, recurve crossbows are light in weight. However, if you’re a professional, make sure to check the weight.
  • Speed: You’ll find recurve crossbows offering a wide range of speeds. So, if you’re a hunter, opt for the one with high speed/velocity.
  • Draw Weight: It’s the force you need to apply to draw the bow. So, measure how much force you can apply before buying.
  • Scope: A red dot sight helps in easy aiming and offers precision. So, choose the one that has a red dot sight
  • Durability: Some crossbows have fiberglass stock, which makes them more durable. So, choose the more durable one.
  • Weatherproof: Some crossbows are weatherproof while some aren’t. So, if you’re an all-weather hunter, make sure to choose a weatherproof crossbow. 


Crossbows are a fun sport. And you can use them for hunting too. However, you must lay down your requirements and consider the above things before making a choice. Although choosing any of the above crossbows won’t be a mistake, but you’re probably here to buy the best one, right?

So, match the factors that we have mentioned above with the products mentioned in the list. This way you can make the right choice.

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